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Proud to be made in Canada

We are proud to build Nipiy machines in our hometown of Grande Prairie, AB.  

All four of our models are solar-powered & include:

  • Touchless, fully-automated, motion-activated  'no drip' taps & soap dispensers.

  • A recycled paper towel roll holder & biodegradable soap.

  • Easy-to-fill, large fresh water tanks.

  • Quick-drain grey water recapture tanks.

  • Deep Cycle 12 Volt battery able to run the tap continually for 21 hours.


​We also offer:

  • Choices for an aluminum frame or our original 'Nipiy  Blue' frame. 

  • Options to connect to a permanent water supply.

We are always open to customizations ~ we know ideas drive innovation!

Our new design standard model includes:

  • A Flat top solar panel.

  • 2 LED lights inset in top corners for 24 hour use

  • Touchless, motion activated, no drip soap dispensers & water taps.

  • A refillable large paper towel roll holder.

  • Deep cycle 12 volt battery that powers lights, taps, & soap for up to 21 hours.

  • The largest fresh water tank on the market (37 gallons/ over 140 litres).

  • Free standing, portable design.

  • Side view cut out windows make it easy  to view fresh water and grey water levels.

Dimensions: Length 41" x Width 26" x Height 72"

Tank Capacity : Fresh: 37 gallons Grey water: 38 gallons

Free Standing & Fully Contained!

No cords - No connections to power or water sources required! Can be modified to an external water source.

Contact us to discuss custom wraps or decals to include your contact info, QR code, artwork & brand colours!

NEW! Re-engineered Design, Aluminum Frame

Our Original Design

Our first design for Nipiy machines feature:

  • A top - mounted solar panel.

  • Touchless, motion -activated, no drip soap dispensers & water taps.

  • A refillable large paper towel roll holder.

  • Large fresh water tanks (25 gallons) & grey water tanks (50 gallons).

  • Free standing portable Design.

Compared to our new aluminum frame machine, our original model has a slightly more compact footprint 

(approximately 3.0 feet x 2.5 feet base).

Dimensions: Length 36"x Width 26" x Height 69"

Tank capacity: Fresh: 25 gallons Grey water: 50 gallons

Available in original "Nipiy Blue" (Nipiy is the Cree word for water)

but can be customized in one colour to match your brand. 

Decals or custom wraps are also available.

Nipiy waves banner background .png
Nipiy waves banner background .png


Contact us to learn more about Niipy's new #ReconciliACTION initiative

enabling social impact focused companies to donate machines or sponsor rental 

Companies donating machines or sponsoring requests for rentals!

Nipiy is the Cree word for Water Droplet 2.png

Turning an Idea
into an Invention

The idea for a new solar-powered, free-standing machine came to Jason Lizotte, a Red Seal Certified Welder, in 2018.


Jason turned frustration into sketches, research, prototype testing & eventually an invention that he patented. 


Industrial/Construction Safety Station

Our Industrial Model Includes:

All standard features plus 

First Aid Kit & Emergency Response Equipment

Side attachments Include: 

  • Emergency Burn Kit

  • First Aid Kit

  • Fire extinguisher

  • Eye Wash Station 

  • Emergency Safety Shower


Base Length 36" x Width 26"

Height 69"

Plus 12" for shower

Excellent for supporting 

industrial & construction job sites, major projects & first responder camps, especially in rural & remote communities

Children's Hand Wash Station

Our Children's solar powered models are built with the same high quality materials & internal components (solar 12 volt deep cycle battery & two water tanks) as our other utility-patent protected designs, but with extra features:

  • Two touchless, fully automated, no - drip taps & soap dispensers.

  • A centre paper towel holder & receptacle.

These units are approximately 1/3 lower than our regular hand wash stations.​


Length 53" x Width 26" x Height 46"

Tank Capacity: 

Fresh Water: 24 gallons

Grey Water: 25 gallons 

We are happy to talk about custom designs & ways to raise awareness for social impact campaigns in future designs!

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