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Jason Lizotte

CEO & Founder, Nipiy Industries

Jason Lizotte - CEO Nipiy Industries Inc_edited.png

Hello / Tansi! 
My name is Jason Lizotte, and I am 
originally from the Paddle Prairie Métis Settlement in northern Alberta.  I am a proud member of the Métis Nation who began my career as a journeyman welder before I started my own welding company in 2010.

The Inspiration for Nipiy

As the owner of a welding company, I often travel for work in the oil & gas, construction & energy sector. I was repeatedly frustrated about not being able to wash my hands after refueling my welding truck at gas stations - especially outside of normal business hours or while traveling in rural and remote communities.


In 2018, I saw the opportunity to develop a new hand portable, self-contained & solar-powered wash station, so I began sketching designs then built a prototype in my garage. I tested my prototype at job sites & received rave reviews from crews thrilled to have access to a solar-powered, stand-alone hand wash station! A construction safety officer at a mining company requested that I develop a model with a shower, first aid kit and eyewash station – so I invented a new industrial / construction safety station. 

The Impact of COVID

Most of us could never have predicted that by the end of 2019, the relentless spread of COVID-19 would shine a terrifying, international spotlight on the need for hand washing & sanitation stations. As the world struggled to stop the spread of the global pandemic, hand washing for personal hygiene & convenience suddenly became a mandatory protocol & critical safety practice in all workplaces, public spaces & homes. 


As COVID concerns amplified the need for children’s hand washing at schools & daycares, I invented a shorter dual-sink unit. When a colleague & my boys suggested that we paint the children’s model in bright orange & add the #EveryChildMatters motto, I whole-heartedly agreed. When we take this model to events, it is an obvious way that we can raise awareness about the #OrangeShirtDay campaign started by Phyllis Webstad & create a space for dialogue about Reconciliation – while helping to keep youngsters, event participants & future generations safer & healthier. 

Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability 

My initial motivation for inventing these machines was convenience & personal hygiene - I wanted to be able to wash my hands at gas stations or events where outside water taps & electricity may not always  available.


Especially at community events & festivals, our portable hand wash stations are often placed outside porta-potties & near food stands to support good hygiene & improve customers' experiences. Our sustainability focused clients appreciate that are machines are solar powered & use biodegradable, non-toxic soap to reduce the environmental impact of their public & private events.  

  • Our solar-powered, stand-alone stations do not require electricity or plumbing connections.

  • We reduce the use of plastics with large freshwater tanks.

  • Tanks can be easily refilled or connected to a permanent water source.

  • We provide biodegradable, non-toxic soap.

  • Our grey water recapture tank is easily emptied or drained.


Our Commitment to Innovation

Through contacts I made at the fall 2021 Shell Liveware Canada competition, I connected with the Grande Prairie Regional Innovation Network team (GPRIN). They graciously funded a two-phase design re-engineering at Red Deer Polytechnic’s Centre for Innovation in Manufacturing - Technology Access Centre (CIM-TAC). We re-engineered our design to produce 10 lighter weight aluminum frames with a flat, solar panel top, built-in LED lighting & larger tanks.    

Our new standard aluminum model - lighter yet durable!

This lightweight innovation is especially important for projects in rural/emote communities & places where permanent plumbing or power sources are limited or not available – such as forest firefighter camps, disaster response sites, temporary camps & evacuation centres.  Our innovative new aluminum model provides:

  • Increased access to stand-alone, solar-powered fresh water washing stations.

  • The largest fresh water tank on the market (37 US gallons/ 140 litres).

  • Use of biodegradable, non-toxic soaps to reduce the environmental impact.

  • A fully-automated, touchless system that requires little or no maintenance by owners or renters.


All models are easily moved by dolly & can have optional 3" industrial wheels installed to facilitate moving to higher traffic areas or as work crews advance on job sites.

Our Industrial / Construction Safety Model - Every Health & Safety Officer's Dream!

Our industrial / construction safety & sanitation station model, equipped with a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, eye wash station and shower. When this unit was used at a remote construction site last summer, the pipe fitter crew commented that they LOVED the benefits and features such as: 

  • Access to a quick shower to cool off & fresh water for washing hands in a remote location.

  • Fully-enclosed wastewater recapture tanks that reduce the risk of slipping and are easy to drain.

Workers said that our machines helped to keep morale up & improved their mental health on site, especially during a particularly hot, dry week. 


Nipiy earned a utility patent in Canada and the US that enables us to continually modify our products as demand for new features, sizes or requirements arise.  Email us to explore new innovations!

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