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Nipiy Industries is an indigenous owned company created in Grande Prairie, Alberta, by Founder and CEO, Jason Lizotte.

The name, "Nipiy" translates to, water, from the native language, Cree. 

Our product first came as an idea; on June of 2019, where the first prototype began being built out of a garage. 

Our goal was to bring a product to the people that would be durable, self-sustainable, easy to use and resource clean, renewable energy.

Our innovative hand wash stations are the first of there kind in North America, with a completely touchless, cordless unit, that is powered by a solar power system. These units not only work exceptionally well outdoors but indoors, as well. They can be set up anywhere at any time!

Nipiy Industries is a leading-edge company that is based on using:

 "Clean Energy Creating Clean Hands"

For any further information, please contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!

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